Wednesday, October 21, 2009

VEHEMENCE -concept

Another time, another place.

There was once a small town, poor and simple. The people lived in peace with each other, despite their lack of money, and struggle to survive.

The town hungered…
…Until one day.

The townspeople found Vehemence, an organic material which can be refined into a power source. The news spread quickly, and the forces of government opted to build a refinery in the slum.
The structure towered over the town. The citizens were offered employment at the refinery, which they accepted hastily.
They were paid only enough to maintain a livable poverty.

But one day, the Vehemence source dried up.

The refinery shut down. The people lost their small income, and were left with the abandoned structure at the heart of their town, and unusable, broken down transport ships and debris littered across the streets.


the town has been overtaken by nature. A massive structure looms over an abandoned aircab. Left rusted and wrecked, a vagabond now uses the shell of the ship as a shelter.
The makeshift home is adorned with scavenged amenities and found goods.
The plants have been held back by the vagabond as much as possible, but they have begun to creep onto the dwelling.

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