Saturday, September 25, 2010

Modular Pillar Concept

As I work on the environment mentioned in previous posts, I will be concepting and creating much of it from scratch to generate a full environment.

Since i will be reusing this asset occasionally to break up large walls, I will likely remove the small screen on the 3D model, and instead, create separate geometry that can be applied to only one or two of these. The back area with the repeating circular shapes represents the area that wall geometry will connect, so in the final 3D environment, these likely won't be visible.

Critiques are welcome.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


UDK Work in Progress

"Curbs" (the edge-pieces) have been modeled, unwrapped, baked, and imported.

Some time ago (before I graduated) I started an environment (see here)

Since then a lot happened. That project hit a very long stand-still as i was busy with graduation, life, and my new career as an artist at Buzz Monkey Software.

However, I've recently been able to find some free time and I've decided to return to this.

Here's a peek at some progress:

This shot realtime from UDK. As you can see, i've completed low poly models for a few assets along with bakes and unwraps. Textures and many, many more assets to come. Lighting is very much temporary right now.